Bloomington Layouts

L & N Laurel Division

A freelanced layout set in the coal region of Kentucky and W. Va. The point to point mainline has a helix leading to a 30 foot staging yard, holding 16 trains. The railroad runs north to south from Newport Ky. to Dante Va. While not based on any prototype, the railroad borrows from scenes and names of locations visited on railfanning trips over the years. During a typical 3 hour op session, two locals make mine runs out and back from Dante. Through trains run as needed. Interchanges with Conrail and also the C&O are scheduled into Dante as well, making it a very busy spot. The other end of the layout is Newport Ky., where 11 industries are switched with cars arriving on both north and south bound trains.

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Midland and Great Western Railway

British Railways, C1960 in Gloucestershire. N-scale layout featuring the Midland Region main line from London and the Western Region line tapping the mines and industries of the Forest of Dean. Many specific locations built as Layout Design Elements from the prototype. This scenic line serves many industries including 4 mines, 3 quarries, 2 river docks, electrical generating station, gas works and steel mill as well as considerable passenger facilities. A session typically starts with passenger trains to help a new operator learn the road. My regular crew will be on hand to help. There will be a steep learning curve because of unfamiliarity with British terminology e.g. types of freight car, handling N scale equipment, and turning your mind back to DC operating parameters, however help will be on hand and we will get you going and enjoying the ride. Scenery is complete on the railroad except for our recent expansion.

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New Unionville and Western

This is Pete Pedigo's 1/8 scale railroad that he has built and operates with some of his best friends. It is located north of Bloomington on his 50 acre homestead. There is over 1 and half miles of mainline track with passing sidings. There are 6 bridges on the layout, excuse me, railroad and a 175 foot long tunnel.

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